Pablo A. Padilla Jargstorf




• Background Radiation - Part 1
Video/Sound installation. Galería Espacio Valverde. Madrid, December 2012.




• Background Radiation - Concept

This series of works is about the idea of history – history as a simultaneous manifestation of events.
On a lake, three different stones are hitting three different spots of the surface at three different moments. These stones create three individual waves, which are gradually colliding into each other, eventually reaching out the shore as the singular one. We, standing on the shore, only recognise this singular wave that embodies three remote events radiated from different time and space. Like the three stones and the singular wave, history is an accumulation of the collision of individual events, manifesting to us as the singular event. Various events that take place in different instants and locations, which have nothing to do with each other, at some point, start to resonate with one another, creating a unified event.

There we do not recognise anymore the individuality of the original one. What we receive on the shore is the resonance of all these different events, as if they happened all at the same time and at the same space. We experience the history as one event that is taking place right here, and right now, while we ourselves are throwing stones into the lake.



This is a case study of the Background Radiation project, referring to a specific city, situation and history. Sounds ranging from the important historical events to the everyday life are layered and compressed into one auditory event. We experience all the events simultaneously, without hierarchy, beyond time and space.


• Background Radiation - Part I




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