Pablo A. Padilla Jargstorf




• Storytelling 1 - The Spaces of Hilbert The Rabbit
Cafe Oto. London, September 2016.

'The Spaces of Hilbert The Rabbit' is a short film - audio/visual animation about the idea of narration.

Narration is the psychological activity of connecting different scenes into one event. The connection happens when our brain detects a spatial/temporal movement between two different spots. Projecting our psychological backgrounds, we build up a sequence from one scene to another, wanting to recognise a pattern, inventing an event. Here, in reality, what we are dealing with is an expectation toward something that have happened or will happen. In pursuit of connection, we can not stop expecting things to be uncovered, or things yet to come, no matter what actually happens or not. This never-ending expectation toward ‘toward’ is the very nature of narration.



This audio-visual work, consisting of three parts, presents a sequence of frames for potential scenarios in a visual and sound landscape, where people are invited to engage with the psychological process of narration individually. In this case, the music is connecting, enhancing, stringing together all these potential scenarios. It induces us to interpret and expect a group of elements turning into an event, or into a moment when the story and the narrative, the visual and the sound, start going hand in hand. Moving together with the sequence from one room to another, we become a protagonist of a story to come.



• The Spaces of Hilbert The Rabbit'


However, this expectation will be betrayed, when the viewer is intensely exposed to the unknown bigger frame that has been cast on all the movements. Narration is nothing but an accumulation of sequences without end, that is always on the verge of breaking down into countless elements of the unfathomable.


• Stills from Part I - 'Overture'


© Pablo A. Padilla Jargstorf




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