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• Passion and Resurrection
Convento de las Madres Mercedarias de don Juan de Alarcón. Galería Espacio Valverde. Madrid 2010.

• Passion and Resurrection - Part I


One of the great opportunities you have when you perform in a church is to work with its special acoustics. The resonance of space, the diffuse candle light ambient, the feeling of a deep and uncanny atmosphere.

In this installation I decided to hide the loudspeakers as much as possible, as well as myself. Sound projection came from one side of the transept, behind the pulpit and from the back-upper choir. So there was no visible sound origin or performer. As a result, what was sounding was the whole church.

Passion and Resurrection is a composition divided in two parts. The first one reveals a process of decline, dive, sink and collapse. Decay, destruction and defeat. Second part is the raising and the resurgence, and the return of continuity.

• Passion and Resurrection - Part II


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