Pablo A. Padilla Jargstorf




• The Tactile Soundscapes of The Creation
'Sagacity'. Exhibition curated by Roberto Ekholm (
Tactile, visual and sonic installation. Forman's Smokehouse Gallery. London, 2011

A sequence of a landscape in progress, moving slowly, primordial, played over a board covered with marble pebbles. The process of making, the movement of generation, steadily happening with the primal sounds, textures and colours.

Visitors were invited to place their hands on the table, inside the elements, and to move them violently. They were free to carve valleys, raise mountains. The aim was to experience the sensual action of creating and destroying new features, new landscapes, in a simultaneous process of touching, sounding and watching.

The sound of every movement, of every friction, was processed in real time, filtered and highly amplified, sounding like a moving landscape, tectonic.


© Pablo A. Padilla Jargstorf




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