Pablo A. Padilla Jargstorf




• Die Verklärte Stadt
Re(s)on-Art Festival. Stockholm, September 2014.

The environment is an entity that involves all parameters of stimuli. Our experience of the environment is so much intertwined with multiple sensations that we hardly detect its appearances. By distorting the scale of our perception, we can transform our environment, our reality, into something manipulable. Fold up, rip off, crumple up, kick off and throw away the surrounding landscape and soundscape like a piece of paper.


Disfiguring the environment into a small object and placing it inside the original environment, we observe from above something that we have been relentlessly imbedded in. Now we are experiencing the disfigured outside inside the original land/soundscape. The disfigured image of the original environment is an abnormal materialisation of stimuli, and we look at this eerie lump, which is yet part of us, as if a tumour growing on the skin.



Die Verklärte Stadt - Concept.



© Pablo A. Padilla Jargstorf




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